Fix your weight, sleep, stress and more with simple habit tweaks

Here's the lifelong value you'll gain from this 8-week learning experience

  • You'll quickly learn why 5 decades of diet and fitness focused trends (and their multi-billion dollar promotional campaigns) FAILED to produce healthy nations

  • You'll access the full audiobook and e-version of the Amazon Bestseller book 'Neuron: Smart Wellness Made Easy' AND get a printable habit tracker to help you make simple changes to your daily routine

  • You'll discover how your basic brain and body biology function. We make science super simple and fun.

  • New videos are unlocked each week to empower you with the knowledge about simple habits in your daily routine that can keep you well

  • You'll learn the difference between wellness and fitness, and why it's wellness we need to take care of first and foremost

  • You'll understand why you don't need a gym membership or exercise classes to achieve wellness

  • You'll learn about the latest tech devices and simple lab tests that can help you monitor your inner biology to stay well and reverse your biological age

  • You'll realise that wellness is a lot easier than we thought it was

  • You'll be able to transform your waistline, sleep, stress, thoughts, activity and brain connections - AND be able to teach your friends and family how to do it too

  • You'll be invited to Dr Julia Jones' LIVE weekly Q&A webinars

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Introducing your coach

Neuroscientist & Smart Wellness Expert

Dr Julia Jones, aka Dr Rock

Julia was first introduced to the smart wellness techniques, now also known as 'biohacking', in 1991, while visiting a US Naval Base in California as a Sport & Exercise Science undergraduate. She discovered how the elite military were using simple shortcuts and practices involving natural tools such as breathing, music, daylight exposure and nutrition to boost sleep, improve focus, maintain a healthy weight and control stress during high pressure situations. She's been using and studying these techniques ever since. She believes these simple and efficient life-changing 'smart wellness' habits should be taught to everyone. So, she wrote her 'Health Trilogy' books to help spread this basic knowledge. Julia is a member of the Royal Society for Public Health and the British Neuroscience Association. Her full biography can be found at